These Guys Drank Glasses Of 'Sh*t The Bed' Hot Sauce, Didn't End Well [WATCH]

I honestly don't know why my fellow coworkers keep trying insanely spicy foods, but it's been a pleasure to watch them suffer, honestly.

My boys Elie Ayrouth and Rudy Cheney decided to drink a few Australian hot sauces, aptly called, "Bunster's Shit The Bed Hot Sauces."

Why they drank them out of wine glasses, I have no idea, but they went in head first to see just how spicy these sauces really were.

They drank a total of three different hot sauces, the first just being a tease, and not quite shit-the bed-worthy.

Just by sniffing the second one, though, Elie had to take a drink of water, saying it smelled like Paqui's Fear the Reaper chip, which is considered the world's hottest chip.


"This one is deep, and complex, and fu*ked up," Elie said after taking a swig of the sauce.

Rudy said it felt like it was going into his brain, so the heat doesn't necessarily just stay in your digestive system, apparently.

They actually said it might be worse than the infamous One Chip Challenge, because the heat just lingered in their bodies.

"I don't even care how bitchy you sound right now, 'cause that wasn't fun," Rudy told Elie in the most serious tone.

The hottest one of the bunch, The Black Label Shit The Bed hot sauce, was THE epitome of shitting yourself. The label literally reads, "May cause anal leakage."

I don't even really know what anal leakage is, but I pray I never get it.


After taking a sip, they both frantically fidgeted in their chairs. Then there was a moment where Rudy just decided not to move.

"You guys are fu*ked up for this," Elie said. "2017 is already fu*ked up. I'm so high right now."

Yeah, this sauce just doesn't seem fair. Good job, Bunsters. You almost killed my Foodbeast mates.

You can peep and order one of the three, or all three of the sauces at Bunsters Worldwide.