We Convinced Our Boss To Eat The World's Hottest Chip, He Immediately Regretted It

I watched my boss almost die, and it was glorious. I could see the pain in his eyes, the sweat falling down his cheek, and the immediate regret in his body language as not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR of the world's hottest chips consumed him.

Paqui Chips claims to have the world's hottest chip, that literally comes in a single package because you'd be a fool to try more than one.

Thankfully, we are full of foolishness here at Foodbeast, so without prior knowledge of how hot the chip was, and without watching other people's horrifying reaction, our own Elie Ayrouth and Rudy Chaney took on Paqui's "One Chip Challenge."


They both knew it'd be hot, but they didn't anticipate just how bad it would be.

This "Fear the Reaper" chip is made with Carolina Reaper peppers, which are considered the the world's hottest by Guinness World Records. On top of that, they add some ghost peppers to the mix.

Watching your boss stomach four of the world's hottest chips was like an early Christmas present and we appreciate him for it.