Spreadable Beer Just Made Your Breakfast a Lot More Interesting


When we think breakfast, the last thing that comes to mind is a beer. Sure, alcohol in the early morning isn't unheard of, case in point Bloody Marys and Mimosas, but there's something strange about being able to spread your beer on your morning toast.

Birra Spalmabile, which translates to literally spreadable beer, is very similar to the IPA Jelly back in August. Made up of 40 percent beer but unfortunately non-alcoholic, the spread is described a "hop-flavored accompaniment for cheese". The spread is also perfect for continuing the Oktoberfest festivities without heading into work drunk off your ass.


Customers who have tried the spread describe it as being similar to jelly in texture, but with a hoppy scent and beer taste.

Though Birra Spalmabile has been in existence since 2012, it was only recently brought to the world's attention by a website called Firebox where pre-ordering a jar will run you $16.09, fortunately or unfortunately, Firebox is shipping Birra Spalmabile to Europe only.

H/T + PicThx First We Feast