IPA Beer Jelly is a Healthy Part of a Balanced Breakfast


They say you should start every morning doing something for yourself, whether that's taking a jog around the block, reading your favorite book, or slathering some beer on your toast. Yes, really.

Crafted from rendered hops, malt, and yeast, Beer Jelly is an invention of self-proclaimed Vermontonian foodie Nancy Warner that distills the essence of beer into a sweet, spreadable format you can enjoy without being judged for being a raging alcoholic.

Each of the four styles is meant to resemble the beer it was inspired by, meaning the IPA is "floral and spicy," the porter is "smoky-sweet," and the stout is "roasty and earthy."


Fingers crossed for an orange hef in batch two.

Beer Jelly, set of 4: $28 @ Uncommon Goods