So Apparently, We've Been Peeling Bananas All Wrong [VIDEO]

Next to apples, bananas have been a staple in my fruit consumption since as early as I could remember.

The way I peeled them never crossed my mind, often snapping the stem part off,  digging my fingers just below stem, or cutting it in half (yeah, my mom failed me again).


Much like my my misadventures in finding out the right way to eat an apple, how to eat a cupcake, and how to use a Chinese takeout box, the revelation on how to eat a banana was much more face-palm inducing. It wasn't until I was sent a video of a chimp unsheathing a banana that I realized there indeed was a Utopian way of peeling the golden fruit: like a monkey.

The protagonist chimp effortlessly used the end I wasn't accustomed to opening, the side without the stem. The furry fellow pinched half of the little nub of the banana and pulled down two perfect sides of the peel.

Not sure why I looked to my mother for terrible banana-peeling advice in my adolescent years -- did she eat multiple bananas every day? No. But monkeys? Those monkeys knew it from the get-go, understanding that the stem was a perfect hand rest, which meant you would open the fruit from the other end.


Sheesh, next you're going to tell me that bananas are slightly radioactive? Wait. What?