The Snow Affogato Is A Cloud Nine Experience For Dessert Lovers

Have you ever had that feeling in the morning where you woke up on Cloud Nine? Yeah, neither have I. I hate mornings.

While I may never get that natural high by hearing the birds chirping and those damn lawnmowers buzzing in the morning, The "Snow Affogato" from Cafe Maji in Cerritos, Calif. just may be the dessert manifestation of that Cloud Nine feeling.


It all starts with a creamy vanilla ice cream base, topped with a billowing puff of cotton candy, then finished off with a decadent pour of bold espresso; which artfully melts away the snow mountain as the coffee cascades down to the base.

This dreamy cohesion of cotton candy, coffee, and ice cream is a heavenly creation that any dessert lover will appreciate. I mean honestly, anything that satisfies both my caffeine addiction and sweet tooth is a winner in my book.