New Snickers 'Hungerithm' Allows For Bigger Discount As Internet Gets Angrier

The internet can be a fickle audience at times, being content and chill one hour then going full Hulk-level angry the next. Snickers has found a low-key genius way to channel that variable attitude with their new "Hungerithm" coupon.

Photo courtesy of Mars, Incorporated


The algorithm looks at 3,000 different commonly used words and phrases in social media posts to track the overall mood of the internet. The higher the anger level gets, the bigger the available discount. The program tracks Facebook and others every 10 minutes to calculate a new score and corresponding price deduction.

Using your phone, you can then lock in a price reduction at a given time to ensure you get the Snickers bar for as cheap as possible. Typically, you can expect the range of the ensuing coupon you receive to be between $0.08 and $1.00, with higher price drops only coming if the internet really is pissed off.

There are some caveats to this markdown, however. It's only applicable to Snickers purchased at 7-11 stores, and the deduction can only be locked on your phone (you can still track the meter on a laptop, however). Furthermore, the site is only going to be live through December 22nd, so you have until then to make the most of this Hungerithm discount.