Shake Shack Is Coming To California And We Know EXACTLY Where To Find It


We never thought it could happen. Famous East Coast burger chain Shake Shack is coming to Los Angeles. The company announced that it'll be setting up shop in West Hollywood at 8520 Santa Monica Blvd, one block west of La Cienega. Doesn't get any more specific than that.

The closest thing West Coast residents have had to the Shack so far is the location in Las Vegas. Now it looks like we'll be getting one right in our own backyard.

Shake Shack is known for its burgers, hotdogs, crinkle-cut fries, frozen custards and alcoholic selections.


The burger chain has often been compared to California's own In-N-Out burger, which has led to many heated East vs. West Coast discussions over what's truly the superior burger. Though now we're just happy to be able to try both in the same place.

Randy Garutti, the company's CEO, said he has received request after request from fans to build restaurants in California. Now, it looks like he's finally obliging. The new location will have a free-standing shack with a parking lot and spacious outdoor seating.

Expect to see LA's first Shake Shack in 2016.

Photo: Peter Pham