Get Peanut Butter Wasted With This Incredible REESE'S CRISPY TREAT

You're the world's biggest peanut butter fan, but you feel like you have no more horizons left to explore. What could possibly be the next big adventure for your peanut butter-loving palate? Maybe this ridiculous Reese's Crispy Treat for starters.

In our latest Foodbeast Kitchen recipe, we re-interpreted a classic treat that Reese's Peanut butter lovers will be infatuated with for years to come.


The ingredients are simple, all you need is some butter, marshmallow creme, Reese's Puffs, Reese's Pieces and a fat heap of peanut butter.

Check out the video for the full recipe, in detail. You may even find peanut butter enlightenment, though we recommend pairing it with a cold glass of milk.