Gordon Ramsay Served Chocolate and Bacon Pizza, Spits It Out [WATCH]

If you know Gordon Ramsay is about to visit your restaurant, you better put on your A-game.

A classic Hotel Hell moment revisits Chef Ramsay's trip to the MerK Bistro Italiano. Upon his arrival to help the struggling business, Ramsay is greeted by a manager who tells him that the restaurants' food essentially sucks.


Since he still has a show to do, the celebrity chef orders a variety of items from the menu - including a Chocolate and Bacon Pizza. While this might sound like every college students' dream dessert, it doesn't quite translate well in a fine-dining setting.

Needless to say, it looks like a pretty soggy mess.

Check out Gordon Ramsay try to stomach the dessert for a few seconds before ultimately spitting out the novelty dish. Though here's hoping his visit helped the hotel and restaurant out in the long run.