Watch A Record-Holding Competitive Eater Take On This 10-Pound OMG Burger Challenge

The Catch in Anaheim, California is home to one of the most daunting food challenges out there: The OMG Burger Challenge. For the past 9 years, someone comes in about every two weeks to try and take down this ten-pound burger in an hour. Only one has ever succeeded, but record-holding competitive eater Raina Huang looked to change that with her recent attempt.

omg burger challenge

Huang took on the OMG Burger Challenge on a recent Foodbeast livestream. She's no stranger to giant food, as she holds the current world record for the largest In-N-Out burger (a 50x50) and cleaned out the entire Panda Express menu in 45 minutes. Still, her biggest worry going into The Catch was that she wouldn't be able to finish.


That's because the OMG Burger is a beastly foe, packing a host of ingredients into its heft. It's got a 5-pound beef patty, 3 whole onions, 4 tomatoes, 5 large pickles, plenty of cheese and dressing, and a heap of lettuce. Oh, and that's all crammed into a 12-inch bun that's seemingly more foam pillow than it is bread.

While you don't have to finish them, there's also a pickle and mini slider on top to garnish the burger alongside a MASSIVE moat of fries (also optional). Combined, everything weighed just over 16 pounds.

In terms of what's at stake, not finishing the burger sets you back a solid $80. But winning gets you immortalized in the restaurant's "OMG Champions" wall of fame and a $500 cash prize, so the reward is well worth the risk here.


The rules are pretty strict, though. Apart from the one-hour time limit, you're not allowed any bathroom breaks, and the burger can't be dipped in water or anything else to make it easier. There's also a waiver that Raina had to sign before attempting the OMG.

Huang was up for the challenge, of course, and gave an effort that one of the hostesses said was the best she's ever seen.

To view her full attempt, check out the livestream below:


Her strategy was to attack the meat patty first, and devoured it and most of the veggies in the first half of the challenge. However, the density, acidity, and flavor of the bread put Huang off, creating a struggle for her to get through. When time expired, Raina was left with about a third of the loaf and a spot amongst the many who had failed to conquer the burger.

Still, her shot at the OMG Burger Challenge was one of the most impressive to date. A hostess mentioned to Foodbeast that the closest anyone else had gotten that she had seen was to the two buns, and Huang went well past that mark.

Photos by Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast.