How To Make a Bacon Mac & Cheese Stuffed Goldfish Cracker

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 6.50.00 PM

This is no ordinary Goldfish cracker, as inside lies even more gold than thought possible.

You might see the picture above and wonder, how do you stuff a tiny, little Goldfish cracker with cracker with macaroni and cheese?


Well, you don't.

You make your own giant cracker and stuff the hell out of it with macaroni and cheese, and bacon.

Jeremy of the Peep My Sneaks blog cooked up a recipe for this golden snack and appropriately dubbed it the Pregnant Goldfish.


Using nothing more than cheddar cheese, bacon butter, flour, salt, water and box of your favorite mac & cheese, you too, can make this beastly underwater gold.

Peep My Eats shows you how to make the dough from scratch and then the stuffing technique.

Check out Peep My Eats for the full directions, and watch a quick vid of how Jeremy threw down this recipe below: