PornBurger.Me Will Have You Drooling All Over Your Keyboard


We're constantly scouring the interwebs for the finest food porn in the game so imagine our surprise when we happened upon the ultimate burger site... PornBurger.

The name alone had us trembling with excitement but with a great name comes great responsibility. Self-proclaimed burger pervert and creator of PornBurger, Mathew Ramsey, is throwing down some badass burgers the likes of which we never would have dreamed of. pornburger_05_merman2

We've seen a burger on a mac and cheese bun before but never with a friggin' lobster patty and jerk rubbed bacon, I mean are you kidding me? With burgers such as the Mac Daddy, The Merman, and my personal favorite: The Bloody Valentine, Ramsey is turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Ramsey turns up the gourmet factor with his Bloody Valentine burger. It looks like something out of Hannibal in both the beauty of its presentation and raw appearance. Seasoned lamb heart tartare topped with a quail egg and salmon roe, this burger is basically a sandwich by land, air, and sea.


PornBurger is still relatively new and for now Ramsey is only posting one burger creation a week, but after seeing how intricately thought out each concoction is we definitely see why he's taking his sweet time.