Pop-Tarts Gets A Coffee Boost Thanks To Dunkin' Donuts

dunkin poptarts

As evident by its A&W Root Beer, and Maple Bacon flavors, Pop-Tarts is down for anything.

Now they have a pretty sweet collab with Dunkin' Donuts, announcing that Frosted Chocolate Mocha, and Frosted Vanilla Latte flavors coming soon.

Of course, you can't expect to have these pastries be your morning pick-me-up. Hell, you can't even expect that from Dunkin's mocha, or lattes, period. The sugar rush, however, might make you feel something.


There's no official release date for these, but they will be rolling out in grocery stores throughout the month of December.

Like most of Pop-Tarts' trendy flavors, these are limited edition, and will only be around long enough to get you addicted, then break your heart.