Pizza Hut Lobster Is Real And Here’s What We Know


If you're hanging out near Shanghai and you can't decide between slumming it with some Pizza Hut or indulging your seafood cravings, worry not. Brand Eating reports that Pizza Hut China is offering a pie topped with half a lobster.

Besides the more common toppings of bacon, red bell peppers, mushrooms and asparagus, the pizza is topped with a drizzle of shrimp and lobster sauce to accompany that fat stack of lobster thrown on top.


The pizza offering seems to be a promotion for next week's Chinese New Year and will be available for a limited time. Patrons can get their hands on one for 98 yuan ($14.91 US). You can also request the half lobster on top of pasta if you're not feeling quite as adventurous.

Pizza Hut has all the fun in China.