Homemade Pizza Gets A New Twist With This Stovetop Pizza Oven


No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, when you try to cook pizza at home, it hardly ever comes out to taste like restaurant quality. It's most likely because home ovens aren't hot enough to really get the pizza dough cooked right, and a company called Pizzacraft thinks they've solved that problem.

This isn't an ordinary oven, in fact it even works on top of your stove, which is a pretty neat concept for pizza making. The Pizzeria Pronto claims to heat up to 600 degrees fahrenheit, while conventional ovens usually max out at 500 degrees.



This thing cooks pizza pretty damn quick, claiming to preheat in 10 minutes and cook a pie in as little as six minutes.

With a four star rating on Amazon, it seems like people at least like the oven, but with a $149 price tag, you better really love pizza and put it to work on the regular.


They also have a portable outdoor version of this Pizzacraft, which looks pretty legit, as well. That one has a $299.99 price tag.


If it were more reasonably priced, I'd probably try it, if anything because it seems pretty convenient. But until then, I'm fine with rolling to Little Caesars and grabbing a $5 pie.