Pizza Hut's Pie Tops Are Back, And You Can Actually Buy Them This Time

Pizza Hut is stepping back into the future with a new release of their Pie Tops, the sneakers that can order pizza at the touch of a button. Only this time, they can do more than just that, and they'll actually be for sale.

Photo: Pizza Hut

The Hut teamed up with the famous Shoe Surgeon again to fashion their new kicks, which come in two sleek colors alongside some extra new tech. They're available in a wheat-based colorway (pictured left) or bright red (on the right). The shoe's tongue, like last time, will allow you to order your favorite pizza at the push of a button. You'll need to link the shoes to your phone through a Pie Tops app to make this happen.

The other shoe will also have a smart button that can pause your TV if you're too lazy to reach for the remote. The Pie Tops can link through TVs to the following cable providers:


Spectrum (Motorola, Moxi, Scientific Atlanta, Pace, Humax)

DirectTV (Genie, HD DVR, DVR, Genie Lite)

XFinity (Motorola, Pace, Scientific Atlanta, Cisco)

Dish (Dish Hardware)

Fios (Arris, Motorola)

Unlike last year, the public will have the opportunity to score these shoes for themselves. On the week of March 19th, 50 pairs will go up for sale on Hypebeast's HBX e-commerce site. Pizza Hut and Hypebeast will be posting more details on the sale, plus how to get additional pairs, on social media closer to the drop date.