This Dude Shocks Pizza Delivery Drivers With $10,000 In Tips

The life of a pizza delivery person is far from fun and games. Day after day, these drivers have to scramble to get those pizza pies straight from the oven and right to your doorstep — all within a small window of time.

Any longer and they risk the chance of losing out on a decent tip or something stranger happening.

In a recent video by MrBeast, made in a partnership with trading card and sticker app Quidd, the YouTube personality gives unsuspecting pizza delivery guys and girls massively generous tips from a stack of $10,000. To their surprise, each driver would get hundreds of dollars in tips.


Imagine a long, exhausting day of pizza deliveries ending with hundreds of dollars in tips. It's gotta feel nice. At this point, it's pretty understandable nearly everyone is shocked by the generosity.

Check out how each pizza delivery went:

Man, it's pretty cool seeing pizza delivery workers get some love. Hopefully this video inspires slightly higher tips for drivers in the pizza industry. Strangely enough, we're craving pizza now. Excuse us while we order a slice.