Panera Bread Plans to Open 2 more Pay-What-You-Can Cafes in 2012

Pay-What-You-Can restaurants seem to be catching a lot of momentum recently especially due to the economic downturn.  What's better than food at affordable or even free prices?!

Through Panera's nonprofit 501c3 foundation, you can expect 2 more pay-what-you-can cafes to be opening. So far Panera already has 3 similar cafes located in Clayton, Mo., Portland, Ore., and Dearborn, Mich. which began opening in 2010.

According to the spokeswoman for Panera Bread, Kate Antonacci, their goal is to offer as "normal [a] retail process as possible" with these cafes by offering quality food that's served with dignity. Sounds like a great start to building a better society and we're crossing our fingers for one opening in our own backyard!