It's Official: This Taco Bell Will Be The First To Sell Booze

sangrita blast

This is one small step for Taco Bell and one giant leap for fast food.

Last month our friends at Thrillist reported that a Taco Bell in Chicago applied for a liquor license, and while nothing was official then, today it was confirmed that the Wicker Park restaurant got approved and will be able to sell alcoholic beverages.


Although the doors to this new Taco Bell have not been opened, it is scheduled to do so this summer and is planning to sell Twisted Freezes along with a couple of beers.

The Twisted Freezes will be Frozen beverages featuring vodka, tequila and rum. The featured beers will be Corona and a draft from a local brewery.

Although this is only one location, we will patiently wait for this to catch on so we can wash down our Gorditas with a Corona.