North Korean Refugees Try American Chicken Wings For The First Time

Earlier this year, we witnessed North Korean refugees try American BBQ for the first time. As they tasted the plethora of meat before them, they talked about their life and experiences growing up in North Korea.

Digitalsoju TV, the YouTube channel that found these men and women and documented their experience eating BBQ, has now launched a tasty new experience. This time, North Korean refugees try American-style chicken wings for the first time.

Watch these North Koreans try a variety of chicken wings

The flavors they tried include buffalo, lemon pepper, smokehouse, BBQ, and even a Korean glaze. South Korea-based restaurant Nekkid Wings played host to this panel of taste testers. Nekkid Wings' chef and owners had studied abroad in North America to perfect their wing recipe.

In addition to these wings, they were also served popular sides and dips that can only be found at chicken wing spots.

As they ate, the group recalled their youth in North Korea, immigrating to South Korea, and their perceptions of Americans and American culture growing up in the country.

Check out the video to see what these former North Korean citizens think of American chicken wings. In like manner, we too shall have some wings for lunch today.