NOODS OAKLAND: A Guide To The Bay Area's Wackiest Food & Gaming Festival

On Saturday, April 7th, a massive smorgasbord of noodle-centric and Asian food items are coming to Oakland, CA. I'm talking about Noods Noods Noods Oakland, Foodbeast's all-you-can-eat Asian food festival, presented by Cup Noodles and taking place at Oakland's E-Sports Arena. Local restaurateurs from around the Bay Area will be showing off their insane eats at this event, made exclusively for Noods Oakland.

In celebration, I've gone ahead and made a complete list of all known restaurants participating, their exclusive food items and how to get around the unique one-day festival. Here are all of the foods available in the AYCE Sections, as well as the buy-as-you-go Marketplace Section. Marketplace Section tickets still available, and make sure you don't miss out on the MASSIVE Super Smash Brothers tournament going on inside the arena!

If you're watching from home, you can tune in to Live Streams from the festival on the following accounts:

AYCE Sections

Aria Korean Tapas

Aria Korean Tapas will be offering up their Dream Cup Noodles: Bulgogi stir-fry ramen, marinated in a secret garlic soy sauce, then sauteed with onions and finished off with mozzarella cheese and an egg.


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It's not pictured here, but 1760 will be serving an exclusive Rabbit Embutido Terrine with pistachio and raspberry jam. We'll have to wait for Noods Oakland to start to see what it looks like.

Chick'n Rice

Chick'N Rice is making a Thai Tea Cooler with Mango Sticky Rice. It consists of a cup of sweet mango sticky rice that's topped with Thai Tea ice cream and a coconut reduction.

Powder Shaved Snow

Powdered Shaved Snow's featured dessert is an alcoholic Lychee martini shaved ice. The ice is made from lychee juice and infused liquor and topped off with a fruit glaze.


Michi will have two items available in the AYCE section. There will be Korean short rib and kimchi tacos, served with sesame slaw, wasabi guacamole and gochujang sauce and topped with micro greens. Michi will also sell bite-sized Korean fried chicken, tossed in a soy sauce chili and orange reduction and topped with sesame seeds and scallions.

Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine

Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine will serve the "Volcano Dream Cup Noodles." It consists of slow cooked beef rib, pan-fried Cup Noodles, and a spicy Thai devil sauce, served with bird's eye chili, tamarind, cumin, garlic, onion, and cilantro. Oh, and a big bone to eat it with if you want.


The Boba Guys

strawberry horchata milk tea

The Boba Guys are fusing together milk tea and horchata in their creation: Strawberry Horchata Milk Tea. It's made with a strawberry puree and the Boba Guys' signature boba, along with house-made horchata.

Bamboo Asia

Bamboo Asia's item is a Chicken Tandoori Sushi Burrito, rolled in Bamboo's secret "Street Crack" spice and filled with Delhi slaw, tomato chutney, sriracha, eggplant chips, avo, cilantro, pickled cucumber, and of course, chicken tandoori.

Matcha Cafe Maiko

Matcha Cafe Maiko is bringing together matcha, soft serve, and shaved ice for their dessert. It's a swirl of matcha and vanilla soft serve, served with matcha shaved ice and adzuki red beans.

International Smoke

From the minds of Ayesha Curry and Michael Mina, International Smoke is serving up a Dungeness Crab Tom Kha, served alongside a coconut curry cornbread topped with a spicy honey butter for dipping into the soup.


The Foodbeast "News Bites" booth will feature Hil's Catering's ramen-crusted shrimp. Inspired by Foodbeast's new News Bites show, this item is built for show and taste, with individual shrimps dipped in beer, coated in panko and wrapped in shoyu-marinated noodles before hitting the deep fryer. A basil-habanero chimichurri will accent this dish.

Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now's "Dream Cup Noodles" is inspired by biryani. It's made with cup noodles tossed with biryani masala, ginger & garlic paste, sliced bell peppers, and onions. It's all topped with crispy fried onions, mint, cilantro and julienned ginger.

Z & Y Restaurant

If you're a fan of hand-pulled noodles, Z & Y will be offering them out of their booth with a show to match. They'll also be serving Kung Fu Tea.

Dragon Gate Restaurant


Dragon Gate will be serving what they call "Cola Sha Cha Beef Noodles," which from the looks of it, promise to be quite spicy! Dragon Gate is an Oakland favorite, and will be playing in both the AYCE and Marketplace Sections of Noods Oakland this year.

K-Tea Cafe

K-Tea cafe is putting a WILD spin on the Chinese street food Jian Bing. Their version is stuffed with chili, ramen noodles, cheese sauce, and Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Drinks in the AYCE session will be provided by Hint Water, The Bruery, and Bruery Terreux. Hint will be providing sparkling water as a non-alcoholic beverage.

All the necessities ? Which would you pick first? ????

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The Bruery will have Mischief Belgian Ale, Girl Grey, and So Happy It's Tuesday Stout available, while Bruery Terreux will have Orchard Wit Wheat Beer.


Dragon Gate

These Garlicky 'Nood' Shrimp Noodles will be sold by Dragon Gate in the Marketplace, as will Spicy Formosa Beef Stew Noodles.

Happy Dumplings

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Happy Dumplings will have an assortment of dumplings available, including chive & chicken, wood ear mushroom with glass noodles and carrots, chicken cilantro, pork belly, and beef dumplings. You can mix and match these dumplings in an order.

Smokin' Woods BBQ

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Smokin' Woods will have a few different items available, including a "rib teaser." Others include a meatball appetizer and BBQ cajun chicken noodles.


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DUM SF is actually keeping their item as a surprise, so we'll have to wait and see what drops on Saturday. They are a fusion of Indian and soul food, which sounds like an enticing combination.

808 Poke Shack


This looks like a standard poke bowl, but 808 is marinating their fish with culinary Pop Rocks. It's all topped with a gochujang mayo and served on a bed of mixed greens with a creamy sesame dressing. This dish definitely promises to be poppin'.

Waffle Roost

2840 Junction Ave in San Jose! Here til 1 today.

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Nothing beats the sweet and salty combination of fried chicken and waffles. Our mouths are ready to experience the texture and flavors of Waffle Roost's take on the ionic duo.

Curry Up Now

We've had the pleasure to stuff our faces with Curry Up Now's Chicken Tikka Masala burrito. This insane burrito is packed to the brim with tikka masala, and is more than plenty to sing you to sleep after that last bite.

Bliss Pops

If the heat from some of the other items gets to you, these Bliss Pops should cool you off. Matcha Green Tea, Red Adzuki Bean, and other various flavors will be available.

333 Truck

333 Truck is going global with their fusion tacos. The Korean spicy pork pictured above will be available, as will a chicken tikka masala version.

Kurotaka Ramen

On a chilly day, a warm bowl of ramen really brings warmth to our bones. Kurotaka created a ramen bowl that blends pork and chicken broth, mixed with soy sauce "tare". Perfect for any cold weather.

Ruru Juice

Ruru Juice has some kaleidoscopic fruity creations like the ones above, but they'll also have some intricate vegetable dishes for sale. They'll be serving an Asian twist on the Egyptian kushari, with pasta, quinoa, red lentils, tomato sauce, caramelized onions, garlic, and seaweed. There will also be lettuce boats filled with sweet and sour lentils, mango, and hemp seeds.

Drinks will be sold in the Marketplace by Federation Brewing, Marin Brewery, Oskar Blues, The Bruery, and Breury Terreux. Federation will sell Utopia Planitia Red Rye and In The Weeds IPA.

Marin Brewery will have a Mt. Tam Pale Ale. Oskar Blues is pouring Mamas Little Yella Pils at the event. The Bruery will have Girl Grey and 10 Lords a Leaping on tap, and Bruery Terreux will offer Frucht Raspberry, Orchard Wit, and Frederick H.

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