This Food Truck Has SOFT SHELL CRAB Mac & Cheese Tots

What do the popular foods soft shell crab, macaroni and cheese, and tater tots have in common? The three sought-after menu items are all combined into one glorious dish brought to you by the Mess Hall Canteen food truck.

The gourmet food truck, primarily based in Orange County, serves a variety of dishes like loaded tots, mac and cheese bowls, and grilled cheese sandwiches. One behemoth of a menu item is the Panhard Crab Tots. It features two soft-shelled crabs, bacon, mac and cheese, cheese sauce, and masago aioli over a bed of tater tots.


Soft shell crab TATER Tot mac and cheese???? @messhallcanteen @yngandreckless @foodbeast

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Fellow Foodbeast and inventor of the Big Mac pizza, Elie Ayrouth, had the pleasure of trying them and had this to say:

It’s the most gnarly thing I’ve seen off of a truck. It looks like a party-sized tray of tater tots, then mac & cheese, bacon, more cheese sauce… it looks ridiculous before the crab is even on.


You can find the tots, along with a grip of other savory dishes at Mess Hall Canteen. You can keep track of the truck's upcoming appearances on their website.

Be right back, gonna take an extended lunch break and track these bad boys down.