How To Make A Big Mac Pizza [WATCH]

On a recent grocery trip, my roommate Matt and I were batting around ideas for a Big Mac Pizza. A few weeks back we did a Taco Bell Lasagna, a couple weeks before that we made an In-N-Out Pie, but we knew the iconic McDonald's Big Mac deserved some attention.

As is usual for our completely inefficient grocery store visits, our ideas escalated from aisle-to-aisle.

By the time we hit the fridges for pre-made pizza dough (*cue groans from the pizza dough enthusiasts*), Matt had an epiphany...we had to do two layers of dough to pay homage to the damn near unnecessary middle bun of the McDonald's Big Mac.

Here is Matt at the exact moment of epiphany:



Some local girls from Chapman University obviously stocking up for #ThirstyThirsdaysBetches


After stocking up at the grocery store, we hit the McDonald's Drive Thru:


Best part about $40 worth of McDonald's is all the Monopoly play pieces you win nothing from:



We wanted the pizza to carry with it both the taste and visual cues of the Big Mac. Here's the bottom layer of dough using extra Big Mac sauce we ordered:


Hidden layer includes burger patties, cheese, sauce and onions. Top gets hit with more sauce, fries and sliced patties. 20-ish minutes in the oven at 425 °F:


A closer look at the multi-level gore:



After cooking, we hit the pie with some shredded lettuce and more sauce...and most importantly, LOOK AT THAT SESAME SEED CRUST:


And for the first time ever...we collectively get to say "here's a slice of a Big Mac"


Slice of a Big Mac?! #foodbeast

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Party on, dudes. Party on.