Pizza Hut Just Made A Ridiculous New Pizza With Mini Meat Pies In The Crust


Pizza Hut heard we like pie, so they put little pies within a pizza pie.

The popular Australian-based Four'N Twenty pies Tweeted out that it joined forces with Pizza Hut Australia Tuesday and made the ultimate meat-filled pizza.

The pizza itself is a Meatlovers topped with pepperoni, bacon, ham, beef and italian sausage. That part of the pizza isn't too unusual, but then you get to the crust, where eight little pie bites filled with meat are somehow attached to each other so you get meat in every bite of the pizza.


They didn't get too creative with the name, as it is just being called the Four'N Twenty Stuffed Crust Pizza, but at least they're promoting it as "Australia's favorite lovechild," which seems pretty legit.

We saw a similar-shaped crust creation from Pizza Hut UK, but they put mini cheeseburgers on its crust instead.

For so long, the crust has just been the part of the pizza that ends up at the bottom of the garbage can, but there's no way we're throwing out these little meat pies. Smart move, Pizza Hut.