McDonald's New Fresh Beef Test Revamps Their Discontinued Arch Deluxe

McDonald's is planning to have fresh beef in their Quarter Pounders across the nation this year. While that's progress, the golden-arched giant is also looking at a new fresh beef test that draws inspiration from one of their discontinued burgers from the 1990s: the Arch Deluxe.

This nostalgic sandwich was an appeal to an "adult" audience in its initial launch, with a "bakery-style" bun, bacon, cheese, and a tangy "Arch Sauce" made with mustard and mayo. According to Business Insider, it cost $2.09-$2.49, a range that is slightly pricier than most McDonald's fare from back then. Although some were drawn to it by its gourmet appeal, the Arch Deluxe ultimately fell short of expectations and was discontinued in 1996.

Now, as McDonald's looks to bolster quality with fresh beef, it's bringing back a variation of the Deluxe. Called the Arch Burger, it'll contain cheese, pickles, onions, and Arch Sauce. Since we're in the middle of a fast food price war, this new burger comes in pretty cheap by today's standards, costing just $2.19.


Currently, the new twist on the Arch Deluxe is only being tested in seven locations around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, CNBC reports. It'll feature a fresh beef patty weighing in at a sixth of a pound, making it a solid value option that still has a bit of heft.

There's no timetable on how long this sentimental test will last, but McDonald's is looking for feedback from customers during the test. With enough positive comments, we could see the Arch Burger on more menus, and possibly nationwide, in the near future.