This McDonald's Is Keeping Out Drunks With BREATHALYZER TESTS At The Door


We've heard of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but this might be the first time we've heard of McDonald's against drunk dining.

According to the Mirror, there's a McDonald's in Cambridge, UK that's going to make its customers take breathalyzer tests upon entry, trying to keep out drunks. If you want to dine-in, there will be someone there to make you breathe into a breathalyzer kit, and if you're at twice the legal driving BAC limit (limit is 0.80 BAC in the UK), they'll give you a little card with alcohol stats and send you on your way.

Apparently folks in the UK roll out of bed, get drunk and carry on with their day, as 141 drinking-related arrests were made in Cambridge last year. A woman was even punched in the face by a drunk in that Cambridge McDonald's, which made drunks look really bad.


The Cambridge police department is tired of this, and McDonald's doesn't like that their customers getting Pacquiao'd, so this is what they came up with.

I guess the only thing left to do is get in your car and drive drunk to get your McDonald's fix. Crap, that sounds worse.

h/t eater