McDonald's "Big America" Burgers in Japan--- Eggs, Bacon, Pastrami! Oh, My!

McDonald’s has introduced some tasty new menu items over the last couple of years, but they’re stashing the real goods in Japan.

The Grand Canyon burger, Las Vegas burger, Broadway burger and the Beverly Hills burger are part of the Big America lineup that is unleashed once a year in Japanese McDonald’s menus.

These burgers are no joke, but it’s funny how we’re in the midst of a creative food era here in the U.S., and these beautiful pieces of art belong overseas.


The Grand Canyon burger consists of two stories of artery busting deliciousness. A foundation of meat patty, mozzarella cheese and steak sauce, topped with a cooked egg and cheddar cheese.

The Las Vegas burger might have been created in honor of “hangover food.” This Rack City tribute consists of beef on beef. Sliced beef on top of a beef patty, with a layer of cream cheese.

The Broadway burger is a show I’d pay for as it is stuffed with pastrami bacon and cream cheese. In Calif. people argue that In-N-Out would take over the food game by introducing bacon to its menu; What would happen if McDonald’s introduced pastrami bacon burgers in the U.S.?


Last, but not least, the Beverly Hills burger completes the foursome. In essence, it is a Caesar salad and cooked egg burying a beef patty.

Even if it's seasonal, these burgers should be in the U.S.

The McDonald’s Chicken McBites are delicious, but they should let us dig into the secret stash.