Customer Recounts Terrifying Experience with McDonald's New Pay with Lovin' Campaign


McDonald's recently began selecting customers to pay with lovin'. As cryptically uncomfortable as this sounds, patrons are given the opportunity to perform embarrassing loving acts toward their loved ones, or strangers, for a free meal.

Sure, this may sound pleasant and heartwarming as the Super Bowl commercial shows. In real life, however, it can get awkward pretty quickly. Redditor Le1tus, recalls an experience with McDonald's "Pay with Lovin'" campaign in the popular subreddit TIFU (Today I Fucked Up). Needless to say, it quickly takes a pretty hard left turn. Although, take the story with a grain of salt.

So as many of you might know McDonald's is doing the promotion of paying with love. I happened to be one of the lucky "winners" of this promotion. It was great. A $15 Mckey'D's food binge for free, man, I couldn't believe my luck! They said all I had to do is call a family member and tell them "I love you".


Seemed innocent enough, right? Read on.

The start of the fuckup is calling my mother who knows that I had a brief history with depression and suicidal thoughts from high school bullies. The second fuckup is starting the call with "I love you".

See where this is going?

She immediately started to freak out (mostly because I'm over 1000 miles away from her and the closest family is about 300 miles away from me) and was pretty scared that I was about to commit suicide. Over the course of the next 15 minutes, I was on the phone reassuring her that I indeed wasn't about to kill myself and make sure that she wasn't on the next plane to arrive and come to visit.

(Afterwards she also mentioned that it had given her a small asthma attack, but nothing her inhaler couldn't handle)


TL;DR : Went to McHeartAttack to get free food and nearly gave mother a heart attack.

Maybe they should have just asked him for a high five.

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