McDonald's Superbowl Ad Lets You Pay with 'Lovin',' Whatever That Means


In the midst of the big game, McDonald's aired a curious ad. Customers were selected to participate in 'love'-related acts in lieu of paying cash for their meals. Ranging from a loving call to their mothers to shaking their rumps, chosen patrons were given the opportunity to do something nice in exchange for free fast food.

Beginning February 2, participating McDonald's locations will randomly pick a customer and give them the chance to do something nice as payment for their meal. McDonald's staff have been trained for months in preparation for this promotion.


McDonald's "Pay with Lovin'" option is set to end on February 14. So for the next two weeks, McDonald's customers best be on their toes.

Has anyone out there been selected to "pay with lovin'?" If so, sound off in the comments.