This Is What McDonald's Looks Like In France


When we think of the interior of a McDonald's, we picture coffee spills on the floor, the smell of deliciously stale burgers and loud kids running around unsupervised. Not so much the case in France, however.

Our pals at 7DeadlyMag recently stopped at the burger chain in Montparnasse, a spot in Paris, and it's a completely different world. The aesthetics are more like an actual bakery than a burger spot.

"If it wasn’t for the McDonald’s logo emblazoned on the walls, you might mistake it for a well-stocked Starbucks." -Charisma (7Deadly)



Peep the many different macaron flavors, Canelés, and slices of strawberry cheesecakes.

Like the US' on-again-off-again relationship with the McRib, French McDonald's offer seasonal items that stand apart from the staple menu. This includes the Fromage Pane, a sandwich with a breaded cheese patty that oozes out once you bit into it.



Let that soak in your cranial taste buds for a second.


Finally, even McDonald's coffee gets an upgrade. The location boasts a legit espresso machine for patrons to get they caffeine fix from.

Makes us seriously consider booking a trip to France. I mean, we'll probably do other stuff too, but we'd stop into a McDonald's.

Photos: 7 Deadly Mag