First-Ever Maple Syrup Spray Can Aims To Prevent Food Waste

When adding syrup to my breakfast, more often than not, I'll spout more of the maple nectar onto my pancakes and waffles than I actually need. In fact, most of my finished plates leave behind a shallow layer of that golden brown ambrosia.

In an effort to help reduce food waste and craft a precise delivery system for maple syrup, Coombs Family Farm created what's believed to be the first-ever syrup spray can called the Maple Stream.


Here's how it works:

The Vermont-based company spoke about how parents would often see their kids over pour syrup, not only wasting the product, but also forcing them to settle for cheaper syrups because of it. With the Maple Stream, children and parents are both able to add syrup to their foods with the precision of a surgeon.


Its airtight design also prevents the crystallization of the syrup as well and the growth of mold. Practical and delicious.

You can find the Maple Stream and other products through this retail locator here. Need to get my hands on these before my next pancake party. Imagine the amount of waste that could be prevented from over pouring.