Las Vegas Restaurant Icon Lotus Of Siam Closes After Roof Collapses

Lotus of Siam is one of Las Vegas's most iconic restaurants. This off-the-strip Thai restaurant consistently gets rave reviews for its outstanding flavors and dishes. Everybody from Anthony Bourdain to Ming Tsai has eaten here, as have scores of executive chefs and celebrities who know about this hidden gem. Jonathon Gold, at one point, has even named it the best Thai restaurant in North America. However, nobody will be able to experience it for a while, as the restaurant has temporarily closed.

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According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the restaurant shut down after a partial collapse of its ceiling last week. Intermittent rainstorms over the past year are apparently responsible for the roof's weakening. While restaurant owner Penny Chutima insisted to her landlord that repairs needed to be done, none happened. Now that the roof has collapsed, however, the landlord insists that the restaurant will become a priority.

Here's some video of the collapsed ceiling inside Lotus of Siam:



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Fortunately, repairs are already underway to get the restaurant back up and running. While the landlord believes the repairs will be complete by the end of the month, Chutima is less optimistic. She told the Review Journal she wasn't sure if the restaurant would be able to celebrate its 19th anniversary in November.

However, Chutima is still looking to serve her food to the people. She's currently in the process of finding a temporary location to operate Lotus of Siam out of for the time being.

Hopefully, this all gets resolved quickly and we can all get back to enjoying this Thai food paradise soon.