This Restaurant Used A Lobster To Brilliantly Reimagine Elote


If there's one corn dish I'm always craving it's the elote. The popular street dish in Mexico features a cob of corn that's slathered with butter or mayonnaise. It's then topped with a variety of flavors like lime juice, cheese, chili powder, or salt.


I didn't get to try an elote until my early twenties. One bite, however, and I was hooked.

Before that, the closest dish I've had was the Vietnamese variation. This featured charred corn topped with a salty green onion oil. Still delicious in a different way.


Hop Phan, one of the co-owners of Dos Chinos and Sit Low Pho, came up with a dish that combined both the traditional Mexican flavors with some Vietnamese highlights. It's called Lobster Elote and it's beautiful.

Dos Chinos' Lobster Elote features a halved lobster that's topped with a garlic aioli, fried shallots, green onions, shredded cheese, corn kernels and chili powder.


Check out how it's made at the Southern California-based food stall.

You can find the Lobster Elote on the Dos Chinos secret menu. Your chances are better off at the brick-and-mortar location in Downtown Santa Ana's 4th Street Market than at one of the truck's, as they carry a limited supply.

They're available for $27.75, unless there's a promotion.