Watch This Korean Pizza Dancing Team Pull Off Insane Tricks With Their Dough

It's always mesmerizing to watch viral videos of expert pizza dough twirlers. Out of all the spinners out there, this Korean pizza dancing team has definitely got some of the best moves we've ever seen.

The squad, known as the Dream Team, is also the face of Korea's Mr. Pizza franchise. While most of their duties involve performing at the opening of a new location, they've also got some impressive feats under their belt. Alongside two championships at the World Pizza Games, the five-man group also holds a Guinness World Record for the most over-the-shoulder dough tosses, according to the Philippine Star.


All of the Korean pizza dancing team members got their start in the kitchens of Mr. Pizza. They were chosen from among thousands of chefs to develop their moves and pull off sick tricks, including a behind-the-back arm spin that looks to be almost impossible. Peep the Munchies video above to see it happen. The team now continually trains and performs at soft openings, and still regularly attends the World Pizza Games.

While the Dream Team is definitely too busy to be in the kitchen these days, it's clear that they know how to handle their dough.