Watch This Seven Year Old Toss Pizza Like a Boss

Children, they do more than just bite each Charlie's fingers and run social media accounts. If you're this seven year old from Jersey City, you also toss pie like a boss whenever you step into your father's pizzeria.

The kid is barely visible over the kitchen counter, but he covers the range of pizza tossing moves. Throughout the video's run time we see him go one-handed, two-handed, behind-the-head and even a couple moments where he's simply staring at the camera reminding us what a 'boss' looks like.


According to a local report, the boy honed his skills with practice dough during a short hiatus when the pizzeria his dad owned moved locations. The same report relishes the both the boy's skills as well as present some criticisms of his dough tossing skills.

What people may not realize at first glance (I sure didn't), was that the video that will undoubtedly make its way across the web, utilizes the very "practice dough" his father said he got him. A YouTube user mentions: "You all realize that's a practice skin right, it's not real dough. Not saying he doesn't have skills, he obviously does. But if he was using real dough his hand would have went through that skin soon or later."


Both Michael Testa, and the father, Carmine Testa, seem unfazed by the criticism, and even go on to discuss pizza tossing sponsorships and training into the future. Apparently, some sponsored pizza throwers can earn up to $250,000 a year from competitions.

They'll be some serious family talks if Michael ends up getting sponsored. Chances are that sponsorship money will come from big-name pizzerias -- direct competition for Carmine Testa's 12-year old shop, Carmine Pizza Factory.