KFC Customer Fined Because His Family Took Too Long To Eat, Seriously

A KFC customer who was recently fined because his family enjoyed their meal for too long is fighting back.

kfc customer fined

According to GazetteLive, Mark Howie and his family ate lunch at a KFC franchise in Wolviston, England. They spent 23 Euros on the meal, but got charged nearly triple that amount in parking fines. The fines, charged by the company that owns that KFC's parking lot, came from staying past the hour-long time limit.


Howie told GazetteLive that he felt "mistreated as a customer" as a result of the fine.

"The one thing that struck me was how they say you have to eat a family meal in under an hour, but when you have kids, that definitely isn’t always possible."

Initially, KFC declined to help appeal Howie's fine, saying they had no power to intervene. However, after Howie provided proof of purchase to the chain, they acted against the parking lot firm. MUNCHIES later confirmed that KFC did indeed get Howie's parking fine overturned.

Considering the parking company had threatened Howie with an additional 100 Euros for not paying on time, that's good news for his family.