KFC's Fried Chicken Pizza NEEDS To Come To the United States

KFC has been dropping all different kinds of impressive food items on us this past year. From Nashville Hot to their latest, Georgia Gold, it's been an innovative period for the fried chicken chain.

KFC's latest big item release may be an existing item, but its wave of excitement makes us want this creation so badly.

This creation is a FRIED CHICKEN PIZZA. Called the 'Chizza', it's already been launched in the Philippines and Hong Kong for some time now. But when this pizza, which features a fried chicken crust, was launched in Singapore earlier this week, everyone got the chance to fall in love with it once again.


It's a pretty simplistic but interesting pizza: with sauce made from California tomatoes, "chicken ham", pineapple, mozzarella, and a cheese sauce. Put it all together, and you have a sweet, cheesy, meaty masterpiece.

This is totally an item that needs to get into the US at some point. I mean, we love our fried chicken to no end. We also love pizza. The Chizza is kind of the perfect storm.

Make our wish come true, KFC. Bring the Chizza to the United States.