FIRST LOOK: New Ghostbusters-Themed 'Key Lime Slime' Twinkies


If nothing else, it's evident that the Ghostbusters remake is going to promote itself pretty heavily through food. First we caught the Hi-C Ecto Cooler out in the wild, and now there has been a sighting of a 'Key Lime Slime Twinkie'.

A Tweet by ENM Sales & Services, who represents Hostess, showed a photo of the exclusive Twinkie, a collaboration that makes sense considering the infamous Twinkie scene in the original movie.


The pictured green box is Ghostbustered-out, with the logo next to a "Limited Edition" notice. Below that, you can see the "Only in theaters" disclaimer, just as we saw with the Ecto-Cooler leaked photo.

The outer sponge of the cake itself seems to be its same yellow self, but the inside will be stuffed with "artificially flavored" key lime cream filling.


ENM decided to play the role of teaser and gave no official release date, but the new Ghostbusters movie is set to come out July 15, 2016, so you have to believe they'll release these in at least late May, early June.

h/t thatsnerdalicious