First Look: This Is What The New Hi-C ECTO COOLER Looks Like

A couple months ago Coca-Cola casually scooped up the trademark rights to the 80s favorite Hi-C Ecto Cooler drink. Well, now we've got a visual as a prototype was spotted on E-Bay, with "Ghostbusters. Only in Theaters" printed right on the can.

While that might mean that the drink will only be around to promo the new Movie, at least we're getting the classic citrus-flavored drink back into our 80s-loving hearts.

The can itself still rocks the classic highlighter green, yellow and orange that was prominent in the original drink.


As visible in the nutritional facts, it will contain 10 percent juice, 100 percent vitamin C, with a total of 150 calories per can.



Hopefully they'll make some last minute adjustments and throw the cartoon Slimer on the can, just to fully represent the old school feel.

We'll let you all know when we get word on an official release for this flashback drink.