Watch Kevin Durant Face His Greatest Rival To Date: A Hot Wings Challenge

Kevin Durant may be one of the greatest specimens specifically created to dominate on the basketball court. But is he built to take on a challenge where his success depends on how well he's able to answer questions while suffering through the capsaicin-raging heat?

During a YouTube Livestream through his channel, NBA Champion and 2017 Finals MVP Kevin Durant takes on the Hot Ones wing challenge, while answering some pressing questions.


The challenge begins at the 19th minute where host Sean Evans and KD talk hip hop, NBA 2K, meeting Kobe Bryant, media comparisons, and giving sound life advice to fans while trying to keep his composure.

Durant has no problem getting through the first half of the game, perfect from the field. It really wasn't until the final minutes of the fourth quarter (last three hot wings) that had Durant in need of a time out.

Needless to say, champions get it done.  Just like his three-pointer against the Cavs in game 5, he sealed his victory, taking on the Hot One's Last Dab sauce—no water, no milk. Clutch.