John Legend Sings Gordon Ramsay Insults And It's Beautiful AF

When John Legend jumps on the keys and warms up those pipes, he can make anything sound like it's the sweetest, most beautiful thing you've ever heard.

That was never more evident than last night, when Legend sang some of Gordon Ramsay's most popular, profanity-laced insults on the Nightly Show.

While Legend performed an array of soothing songs, Ramsay showed up next to him for the final ever-popular ballad, "Why did the chicken cross the road? 'Cause you didn't fucking cook it."


The British late-night show features different celebrity hosts every week, and this week, Ramsay took the reins, doing his best Jimmy Fallon impression, and performing fun skits such as this one.

Since he had Legend as a guest, Ramsay even fed him some traditional British foods, such as beaver salami and digestive biscuits.

It looks like the duo had a good time on the show and we'll keep our fingers crossed that the Ramsay insults album actually comes out, 'cause it sounds FIRE.