JEFF'S TABLE: Chocolate Milk Is Liquid Luxury

The progress of humankind can be measured by significant touchstones throughout its history: the invention of the wheel, the harnessing of electricity, the wonder of aviation, the creation of the internet, and chocolate milk.

Yes, chocolate milk.


For hundreds of years folks had been going about their business, drinking milk straight, sans pizzazz, not knowing any better how much tastier their favorite beverage could be with a little infusion of cocoa. It wasn't until the 1700s when milk late bloomed and high key evolved into the decadent drink we indulge in today: chocolate milk.

Could it be through sorcery or outerworld molecular gastronomy that milk levels up into the luxurious liquid that is chocolate milk? In Foodbeast's third episode of Jeff's Table, a docu-series dignifying the everyday home cook, Jeff searches for the answer to such a question.

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