JEFF'S TABLE: Behold The Simple Elegance Of Eggo Waffles

Frozen waffles are the great unifier.

No words ring more truthfully than these chosen to describe frozen Eggo Waffles.

In Foodbeast's second episode of Jeff's Table, a documentary series celebrating the average home cook, we explore the beauty that comes from the Eggo. The waffles, found in the frozen food aisles, are among the most beautiful breakfast items to fly out of the toaster.


Whether eaten dry on the go, or with a pat of butter and a maple shower from Mrs. Buttersworth, Eggo waffles have set the tone for many early-morning commutes.

Truly they're a golden-brown discus from the gods sent to satiate us hungry, lazy mortals.

You can also check out the previous episode, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and check back weekly for a new segment. In the mean time, we're gonna check on our waffles.