Here's Why Japanese People Are Suddenly Bathing In Wine


A while ago, there was a trend in Japan where folks would take a dip in a pool filled with Ramen. Now, in celebration of a French holiday, Japanese people are suddenly bathing in pools of wine.


Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau, the French wine holiday, folks are dipping their toes in the alcoholic beverage. One spa, specifically, specializes in that very luxury.

Hakone, a city in Japan, is home to the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun spa. The spa features hot pools filled with a combination of red wine and water. Guests were allowed to drink from their choice of glassses or straight from the pools with their bare hands.


According to the spa's website, bathing in wine acts as a treatment of rejuvenation for the body. Also, a few gulps can't be bad for the soul either.

About 20 bottles of specialty wine was also poured into the pools in celebration of the holiday, RocketNews reports. Talk about a boozy dream