5 Reasons Why People Are Suddenly Bathing In Ramen


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When one says that they could swim in a bowl of ramen, it's usually just an idiom for how much they love eating the Japanese soup dish.

Turns out, it's actually a thing you can do.

A south-eastern town in Japan, Hakone, has a spa that lets patrons bath in ramen, Time reports. The trend his been dated back as far as 2007, however, it seems it's beginning to reach a hype status more recently. Now, quite a few places in Japan offer this unique service.

So what on earth could convince someone to pay money to sit in a hot ramen broth and stew with other people? Here are five reasons.




As with most spas, folks pay to come in and relax. The hustle and bustle of the working person means they only have time for a quick shower before heading out to a 9-5. This means, there's hardly any time for them to sit and relax themselves with a bath. Ramen bath resolves this issue.

Meeting new people

If you're open-minded enough to try sitting in a giant bowl of ramen, especially with a group of strangers sharing the same bath, you probably enjoy trying new things. Why not take the opportunity to meet some like-minded people that are bold enough to try the same things you are? You might leave that ramen bath with some new friends.

Improves skin

The baths use a pork-based broth that is packed with collagen believed to improve the skin of patrons. Collagen is known protein said to enhance skin by protecting it from preventing the absorption of toxic substances. This allows skin cells to rejuvenate and stay healthier.


The experience is complete with synthetic noodles used to get that collagen in every "nook and cranny" of your body.


Let's face it. After a certain age, most metabolisms just crap out. Unless you're a super exercise fanatic, chances are your metabolism could use the boost. The ramen baths are said to provide that boost in metabolism.

For the story

Not many people can say they took a bath in a bowl of ramen. If anything, why not just do it to say you did it? If it eventually becomes a trending practice, you were one of the first to try it out. If it fizzles, you can say you were one of the few to try it out. Either way, you paid to sit in hot ramen.

We doubt you can should add additional ingredients to your bath. Though we don't think extra chill sauce and runny eggs will make the experience any better. Prices for the experience vary depending on the location.