Petition For In-N-Out Veggie Burgers Now Has Thousands Of Signatures


With In-N-Out Burger, what you see is exactly what you get. So why would anyone expect the menu to offer meatless burgers at the popular West Coast fast food chain?

A petition of more than 25,000 signatures was started on, addressed to In-N-Out execs, to get a vegetarian burger on the menu.

Not interested in multiple orders of French fries or buns with just cheese, an organization called "The Good-Food Institute" is fighting to make In-N-Out more nutritious and less meaty.

The petition claims that In-N-Out is letting customers down by:


"...failing to serve anything that would satisfy a burger-loving customer who wants a healthy, humane, and sustainable option."

The thing is that In-N-Out's menu has been around for decades. They really haven't changed anything since then, and they shouldn't have to now. Cumbersome adjustments like setting up a new grill and process just to cook the veggie patties makes for some odd and unnecessary changes.

If you want meatless options, there are plenty of spots you can visit that offers them. Heck, your petition even lists a few of them.

In-N-Out has yet to respond to the steadily growing petition. While we watch the petition numbers climb, we're gonna go ahead and grab a fat Double Double for lunch.