How To Make An In-N-Out Breakfast Burrito [WATCH]

Breakfast Burrito from In-N-Out? One can only dream.

I never advocate for change at In-N-Out Burger. They have everything dialed in, they don't need bacon, they don't need to serve chicken, they do what they do and they're really, really fucking good at it. So instead of chalking up some girthy manifesto on why an In-N-Out breakfast program would be an absolute God-send,  I spent my Sunday morning making an In-N-Out Breakfast Burrito.

In an effort to avoid hyperbole, I'm going to try to keep my food boner buried deep inside my pants...ah fuck it, this was the best breakfast burrito I've ever tasted, period. And growing up in Southern California, I can credit my highschool and college weight gain to the plethora of awesome cheesy, potatoe-y, eggy-filled breakfast burrito options we have within arms-reach. I'm not a chef, but damnit do I have breakfast burritos pulsing through my veins.



The ingredients for one extremely filling burrito are simple:

- 4x4 In-N-Out Burger

- 4 Eggs

- Fries

- Extra Cheese


- Side of spread

Chop up the 4x4, mix it in with some eggs, throw another slice of cheese in there and give the entire thing a low-heat soft scramble on your skillet. You don't want to burn anything, this process will take a couple minutes on the stove.

In the mean time, get your tortilla of choice (over-sized), smear the spread all over, give a bottom layer of french fries, then top it all with your 4x4 burger mixture. After you wrap up the magic, I like to throw the entire burrito back on the skillet for a good browning on both sides.

Yes, this was more delicious than the In-N-Out Pie we created a few months back, and definitely a lot more realistic:




I was so excited with the creation I rushed outside to give my roommate Matt a taste:


Matt was so enthralled by the taste he had a myriad of questions, "Is there avocado in this? What's making it so creamy?"

I took the questions as a sign of success. I'll end the journey with an ass-shot, arguably the best bite of any burrito, always: