You're Gonna Want To Try This In-N-Out Pie [WATCH]

I was sitting in a sauna with my buddy Matt, batting around fatty ideas for dinner after our strenuous 20 minute sit-in-simulated-hot-weather-session. And that's when it came to us: The In-N-Out Pie.

We knew we had some pre-made dough already stashed in our fridge, which got us to thinking...was there a way we could turn In-N-Out Burger ingredients into a savory pie? We now had a mission for the evening.


Fast forward a few minutes, we had picked up a set of 4x4s (see: In-N-Out Secret Menu) and three orders of plain fries with spread on the side. No one likes to cook hangry, so we ordered a few more to pregame on:

4x4 #InNOut || #foodbeast ? @bookofelie

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We wanted to maintain the visual integrity of the burgers, but the bites had to flake off the way a normal pie would. To achieve the affect, we split the burgers up into the pie crust, turned a few of them into cubes, and poured a batter of beaten eggs and half-and-half cream to work as a binding agent.


We cooked that off in the oven for about 30 minutes, then took it out to top with slices of cheese, fries, more cheese, and grilled onions. 10 more minutes to get everything gooey and crispy.

Once it came out, the fun began -- we layered on that food boner-inducing In-N-Out spread and chopped up some slices for everyone to eat:



Yes, it's indulgent. Yes, more than one slice can kill you. Yes, you should bring this to a pot luck and impress your friends. Everyone likes pie, and everyone likes In-N-Out.

See you on the other side, friends.