In-N-Out Burger Finally Adds Bacon, First Menu Upgrade in Years [APRIL FOOLS]

Like most things, it happened on Instagram. A stream of blurry Instagram photos captured a version of the beloved In-N-Out burger stuffed with bacon off all things and hashtagged #PiggyStyle in the caption. A classic, melty double double cheeseburger stuffed with crispy, salty bacon?

This sounded too good to be true.

So, we headed to a local In-N-Out spot on First and Lirpa to check things out. Upon arriving at the location, we were a bit hesitant on how to request this #secretmenu item. Pig Style ... Bacon Style ... Piggy Style? Luckily, after ordering us two double doubles and some fries, Marc slyly asked the cute cashier if we could "Make those burgers Piggy Style?"

To our relief, she smiled and updated our order. That angel.


When they called our number, we swooped those baby cafeteria trays and grabbed a table outside. Lo and behold, bona fide mothaf*ckin bacon in our burgers. #PiggyStyle4lyfe yo.

Each cheeseburger was packed with a generous helping of pork noodles. The strips added an extra heap of fried saltiness to the man sandwich and cranked the flavor up to an 11.

Our mouths exploded and our faces melted. Needless to say, this was the best day of our lives: